Meat is the star of almost all the cuisines, and if it is a deer meat, your dish could be one of the best cuisines in the world. Deer meat has been favored by many for ages. One of the main reasons is its soft tender textures; the right amount of temperature can make them melt in your mouth. There are some five star recipes that only require deer meat. And to make such exotic recipes you need a well functioning meat grinder. You could be a world renowned chef in a seven star restaurant or just a cooking fanatic who just loves creating these complex yet delicious dishes. But when it comes to buying the best meat grinder, you can all go wrong. Knowing your meat and the grinder for it needs a full knowledge on its functionality. Usually a meat grinder comes with clean aluminum grinder head, metal pan, a refined blade and an auger. Auger is a tool similar to the look of a corkscrew, but in this case it enables user to grind a large portion of meat for a long period of time.

The anti-rusting metal bodies are specially crafted for a sustainable use. These grinders are long lasting, and if you have long line of chefs in your family, then you know that meat grinder can run for generations. So, with the durability of it, you may have to choose the right grinder before investing in it. Invention of meat grinder may have been ancient, but the use of it is still strong. In earlier days hand meat grinders were the only option. But with the growing technology meat grinders now comes with full automated function. But the purpose remains the same; the fine blade of these grinders helps the user to grind their meat in their desired texture. Well, automated machineries are something that we all seek, but these machineries not always provide a great service. In terms of durability, hand meat grinders are much preferred than that of the automated grinders.

Nowadays, meat grinders come with variety of specifications. All the grinders are unique, with some extra features build in them. Every feature has different purpose, and can create a huge difference in your preparation. A low profile grinder cannot always complete the task of large scale grinding. So, for that there is different type of grinder that can grind your meat in bulk. The powered grinders are mostly used for these types of grindings. And when it comes to grinding deer meat, choosing the right grinder is very essential. Deer meat may be soft and tender in your mouth after cooking but before that, a proper way of cutting and grinding it plays a key role in the preparation. The deer meat is usually heavy and stiff while raw. So, to grind that, a high powered grinder is required. These grinders have that strength to break the meat in pieces, and then smash it further into pieces. But you can always customize your grinding speed, which will determine the size and the texture of the meat.

Grind, bind and tenderize in Kitchen


Ron Neal