Door knobs and handles are essential in the home or office and serve a dual purpose – they are practical as well as functional and can also provide a decorative element that will turn your doors into features. Whether for outdoor, indoor, cupboards or closets, a beautiful door handle or knob can constitute a creative design element in just about any living space, bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen.

In fact, decorative door handles have become so trendy that they are being used to make an interior design statement that adds to the overall style and look of any structure.

Indoor and Outdoor Handles and Knobs

There are two basic categories for door handles – interior and exterior. Exterior door handles are suitable for all entrances and exits to and from the home or office. These door handles are likely to be used more often than indoor handles and also need to withstand the outdoor elements so therefore need to be more hardy. Interior handles are for indoor cupboards, closets, drawers and doors. These need to be less durable and can therefore provide a greater range of style options.

The most popular handles for both interior and exterior purposes include:

– T-Bar handles manufactured from stainless steel.
– Contemporary design handles and knobs.
– Glass or imitation glass knobs and handles.
– PVS and PVC door handles on plate.
– Classic on rose door handles.
– Victorian lever door handles on rose.
– Traditional Mortice and Rim knobs.
– Antique, black knobs.
– Centred door knobs.

Traditional and Contemporary Door Handles

The selection of contemporary or traditional door handles is mainly related to functionality. However, this doesn’t mean that these door handles can’t be attractive and in fact provide the greatest variety of design choices. The choice is mainly related to the function – for example, modern chrome finish handles are more suitable for the office or modern home whereas antiquated brass handles are more decorative. Back plates to these contemporary designs can also be decorated and come in a range of styles.

Decorative Door Handles

Door handles can come in a range of styles and unique designs that are suited to a specific purpose. For example, colourful handles are ideal for kids rooms and designs incorporating fruit or other foods are ideal for the kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The sheer variety of handles and knobs available for kitchen cupboards, cabinets, drawers and organisers provide a wide range of creative options. It is advisable to choose handles that compliment the overall design of the kitchen. Popular kitchen door handles include Hammered knobs, Twister T-Handles, Shell handles, Bow handles and Cage handles.

Material Options for Door Handles

Door handles are manufactured from a wide range of materials. The most common are stainless steel, metal sheet, aluminium alloys, wood and brass. There are also different finishes available for each of these materials. For example, brass handles can be chrome or nickel plated or provide a satin or antique finish. Matt, gloss, dyed and stained options are also available.

Metal Sheet handles commonly have an oxidised copper finish but can also be antique black or have a stove enamel finish. Wood knobs and handles can be ornately carved and stained, dyed or even painted to provide a unique decorative element. Metal door handles are often the preferred choice over wood as they are more durable and long lasting.

Style and Design Choices for Door Handles and Knobs

It is important when selecting door handles that they match the overall interior design style of the room or space in which they will feature. Options like the type of material, colour, finish and decorative elements must all be taken into account when making a selection. Consider brushed nickel or polished chrome, polished brass or satin chrome, Florentine Bronze or Stainless Steel varieties.

Last but not the least, the functionality of the handle must also be considered. For example, the quality of the locking mechanism, latch, back plate and other features.


Ron Neal